The thing about life being unfair

I’m sitting here in cold silence as I brood over the things in my life as of now.

They’re not looking pretty.

My moment right here has happened many times already. As they slowly took up my time and my inner peace, I wondered, what the hell did I do wrong? Why did these problems come at me all of a sudden? You mind your own business, making an effort to be at least a decent version of yourself, if not the best, then fateful, uncontrollable boulders of obstacles are unexpectedly hurled at you. I found the lot of it terribly unfair.

Life is unfair. It’s the expression that people use as a form of rebellion against the unfortunate circumstances that take part in shaping the course of their lives. It’s three, simple words powerfully arranged that we mutter to ourselves to show our disdain towards the world. At the same time, it’s one of the oldest cliches in the book. But, we must remember that they’ve been repeated over and over for a reason: It’s because it’s the truth.

And yet, we forget there are always two sides of the coin. On the one hand, we often look and understand solely our current situation for we think it’s only ours that matters. That’s how we end up feeling victimized. On the other hand, it’s this: The unfairness of life has worked for our advantage as well. Have you ever felt so blessed because you got more than what you deserved, like getting a higher grade than expected, having been given a shot at your dream job no matter how hard you think you screwed in the interview? Second chances, overlooked mistakes, free passes, or even a piece of valuable money note on the pavement? Acting like a jerk and getting away with it?

This is the patch of land underneath the rough, solid, heavy rock that we need to cling to during difficult times. That way, we give ourselves the chance to learn from our problems. Maybe we’re just destined to learn this same significant knowledge, differently, hence the creativity by which life molds and sends us our problems. Nevertheless, we can get wiser, stronger, more patient, in suffering.  We cry, we anger ourselves. We envelop ourselves in sadness. But we don’t stay there for long. We pick ourselves up, move on, and start over. We do not lash out. We don’t fight fire with fire. We get rid of that sense of entitlement. We stop demanding from the world.

Yup, Mark Twain was right. The world doesn’t owe us anything. But we owe everything to the world. Not excluding the bad times. And teaching ourselves to properly rise above adversities, become better than our complaints and excuses, to go on with our lives and to continue to make the most out of it are ways to give back.

We have to. I have to.

It’s through improving ourselves this way that we also get to impart this important knowledge to the people around us. Thus, we get to even out the playing field just a little bit for the sake of humanity. Life is unfair, yes. Life may be unfair to us, but that doesn’t mean we can be unfair to one another as we wish.

I now begin to prime my mind into accepting this essential bit. I need to remind myself of this Again and again. I am not through with this lesson until I truly learn it. So I better quicken the pace and get my heart right into it.






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