A reminder when faced with negativity from other people

One of humanity’s frustration about life is the existence of uncalled for negativity. Each of us had at least [more than] once become a target of gossip, backstabbing, and manipulation without asking for it. Encountering negativity is inevitable; we would have to deal with it because a life that is squeaky clean of negativity is impossible. It’s like attempting to deconstruct the air you breathe with the naked eye, hopelessly trying to make out each floating particle.

We eventually become used to it in resignation. The prevalence of this sad reality is indoctrinated into our system until we become a part of THE system. And little as we are willing to admit it, we develop the tendency to transform into those horrible monsters we ourselves are terrified of and disdained by, casting the very stones that hurt us unto others.

It is during this internal battle that we should remember where to draw the line between justifiably defending ourselves and speaking or acting out of provocation. The anger that we feel upon exposure to negativity is the nutritive soil out of which our inclination to creating negativity  springs. Once in a while, we can send back to them what they dish out… but we don’t need to fight fire with fire all the time. It’s too vicious of a cycle to participate in. It’s a fight that generates unnecessary casualties wherein we are highly likely to be included in the head count. We don’t want that.

We also don’t want to wear out everything good that makes us by letting anger, and thus, those who hurt us, take over us. After all, that’s their aim: To throw us off-balance. As long as we stay conscious of our worth, values, standards–The real essence of who we are–we are in a good place. We are the masters of our own thoughts and actions. We ought to know better because we ARE better. In the moment we are tried, we must grip onto our steering wheels more tightly for no one else is taking charge here but us.

It is perfectly human to be mad, but being mad is not the only human thing left to do. While we are doing our best to hold up the mental fort and keep our behavior in check, we might as well make something else good out of it if we find it hard to forgive yet. Because we are in control, we may use all their lies and devaluation of us as motivation. Breathe,  and let the pull of negative tension launch us to all sorts of positive directions. Also, we are still capabale of loving deeply and making the world a better place with our own ways. We may inhale the bad stuff in the air, but the air we breathe out can give life to the most beautiful of flowers. Success, love, happiness, and nerves of steel are the ultimate comeback to any insult, judgment, and backhanded compliment there is. 

If we give enough attention, we realize that sometimes there is no use in raving over it, so it’s best to just let it go. There’s a possibility that the people who are trying to knock you down  do not matter to you and are of no use to you. You know why? Your future is not in their hands. You do not depend on them. You don’t need them. For all we know, they need YOU. Better yet, the people who will believe them do not matter either. You may tell me that in your situation, it’s the people that you expect to have your back who have hurt you in the past or are hurting you right now. Well, if they’re doing you harm, they’re not the right people to invest your feelings in. Sort out those that have got to mean something to you from those who should not. When you’ve got that covered, the only thing left to do is love and cherish the keepers in your life, focus on your goals, nourish your individuality, and keep up the pace.



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