The WWJD Project

Since my previous blog post about the process we must undergo to achieve an unconquerable state of being, I unexpectedly remembered a particular day in Senior High when our Religion teacher and class adviser then mentioned in class the abbreviation, WWJD, which stands for “What Would Jesus Do?”

It is a question that ever holds significance in consulting our conscience in everyday living upon having “read the signs of the times”. Specifically, The Question may also serve as a beckon of light that will guide our decisions and actions towards what is right in various situations, may they be good or not so good. So, I came up with the idea of the possibility to keep the ball rolling by the effort of calling to mind this personal motto and reviving it to its full glory. What I have penned as “The WWJD Project” is my personal initiative and appeal to those who urge to feel the presence of God in their lives.

The necessities of this are rather simple to follow. The first of which is to ask yourself, “What would Jesus do? when you find yourself as well as others falling prey to unfortunate conditions; from the smallest unlucky coincidences that test our patience down to the most adverse and tragic of circumstances. You may also ask yourself The Question even at your highest point! Are you mad, impatient, confused, scared, offended, saddened, weakened, flattered, trusted to take on a high responsibility, at your best, even happy, and yet not sure what to do? What would Jesus do? The second need to fulfill this “project” is to answer it with an application of your informed knowledge of God’s principles and follow suit! You may come to realize: “This is not worth my dignity, I should not fuss over this”, “They need my help, they trust and depend on me. I should be here for them”, or “I still have a long way to go; I shall remain humble and keep my feet on the ground”; and translate these bursts of insight into fruitful action. The WWJD Project may be considered as a mental, emotional, and spiritual exercise we could perform everyday to improve our well-being, quality of life, and relationship with God. You don’t need to memorize or read anything to do it. It only requires your eager attention and an open heart to let God in.

I just had my hand at this earlier today. My sister and I found ourselves in a deadlock when we were both willing to compromise. It was only as small as observing silence in the room for we have been sharing one together since forever. My take is that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate well on my readings if there was music always playing loudly, while my lovely little sister argued that without it, she couldn’t focus on hers. Wearing headphones, according to her, causes her headaches; and I’d still find it distracting even if she turns the music down because of my hypersensitive ears. I could also hear from her tone of voice that she was getting annoyed and frustrated at me and started making sarcastic remarks like how I might call out the buzzing sound of the air conditioning unit. Knowing the shadow side of my personality, my instinct is to become irritated and slightly offended enough to make a comeback of my own. But just before my potentially hurtful words came out of my mouth, I stopped myself and asked, “What would Jesus do?”.

I was instantly reminded that I should not lose my temper, be patient, act maturely, and know better since I am the older sibling. I swear, I was already feeling the irritation compressing my head and I started breathing a little heavier than usual. But after doing this, I was able to compose myself by inhaling deeply and exhaling all the negative feelings insinuated. I just stopped making a big deal about it. And I gave myself a pat on the back and a flying kiss to the skies because the situation did not worsen. Maybe if I hadn’t done this project earlier, our discussion would have turned into an exchange of cruel words thrown back and forth in raised and unguarded voices. My sister and I would have hurt each other even if we didn’t mean to. I was caused to be reminded that this test of patience will not put me off. Eventually, both of us understood each other and became more willing to give way.

The example I’ve given is merely a small one, but this could be translated into even bigger issues, such as when we encounter people with controversial reputations and ideas, pass by a person in need or calling for help, become a “fatality” by a poorly made decision by another person, are ill-treated by those we love and by strangers, disappointed with ourselves–the list goes on. WWJD and what succeeds it will help us put things around us in perspective by allowing ourselves to take a step back to pause and reflect and go back to the situation with an enlightened mind. This way, we are reminded of the essence of God residing in our souls. We are more empowered to think and act according to what He upholds.

The WWJD Project is surely worth a try as a way of caring for ourselves and offering praise to the Lord. It may be that I am not the first one to start a spark about this, but it is nevertheless an honor to pass on the torch.




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