We do not have all the solutions in our hands. Whether it has something to do with fate, destiny, or a Higher Power, sometimes things will just unfold the way they are meant to. It can get disappointing and frustrating. Matters not going our way regardless of the effort and time we put into a certain endeavor can even test our faith in God, the goodness of the world, the point of living.

Some things are just inevitable,” right. Those words come out of our mouths more often than are swallowed down. To be fair, what I’ve just quoted is a huge pill to swallow. But you know what? Once we give ourselves the chance to do it, that’s when things will start to look up. Figuratively speaking, our throats will be cleared by this seemingly choking blockage to the airway. But, if we treat the process like any other medication that is good for us, we can say that its effects on our well-being can be promising. To be clear, I don’t mean to say that our worries and problems would instantly go away, no. Rather, I’d like to think that the weight of these apprehensions would be lessened due to experienced clarity, courtesy of our willed acceptance of our plights. This particularly applies in experiencing failure.

Suddenly, it would be clear to us again that not all problems are solvable by us, the truth also remains that not all things last forever. You can outlive what you think will destroy you. This does not exclude our fears and other things that debilitate us from within. We may not always manage around our given circumstances even if we make all the possible preparations, but it would be clear to us too that after all this time, running away from the unavoidable, we had the strength to go through it all along. Win or lose, you tried. That already means a lot. Every so often, we have no other choice but to stand firmly where we wind up and let it be. By the time it is over, we’d be amazed at how come we are still around. It can be done.

Any experience can teach us anything, and this is no different from that. Amidst the hurricane and roaring thunder, life will proceed with its business. In times like what I have been talking about, all we can do is face it, let it pass, and move on. When all is still again, breathe deeply and do what you can in that moment. Hope for a better tomorrow, another chance, a fresh start maybe. Whatever happens next, you know you can take it head on for you know what you just survived from. The skies always clear after a hell storm.


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